Saturday, January 7, 2012

Downward Design Research - Gridlock

Thursday, November 17, 2011

RD Mauzy, Takeo Marquardt, Felix Dabbert, and Tilman Rickert-When You Look For Me Can You See Forever


Anastasia Vronski-The Blaze

Noise/drone ambient conceptual composition which contains two parts and dedicated to a fire in club "Lame Horse" (Perm', Russia)


State Censored Art - Cunt Punt EP

The First EP from the project State Censored Art, a noise collaboration between Oni Sakti (Geodesic, Dead Frail Honesty, Falling Man) and Ditama Lull (Phantoms Of The SS)


DZI-My First Rain

Fourth album by dark ambient/noise/minimal artist from Minsk, Belarus. Imagery of life, meditation and reflections on the world.


Bastard Child - kkkkkkk


RD Mauzy, Takeo Marquardt-Master BeTA

20 tracks, 17 minutes total run time.

2010/2011 RD Mauzy & Takeo Marquardt
Day Off Studios, Hamburg, Germany


Insecticide Lobotomy- Shears

After a 12 month hiatus, Insecticide Lobotomy is back! This particular harsh noise release is about as raw as it comes.


ONOO-n y you hate me

1. n y you hate me : synthetic speech --> 2x granular synthesis --> edit
2. IIHII : 4 x drumloop --> 4 x granular synthesis --> edit


Clockdin - the Free Fax session

Gord High is joined by Lord Open for some electronic noise experimentation.
F U N ensues.


Drohnwerks-Cycle 4

2 more drones in the cycle, Volumes 1 & 2 are available at, volume 3 from