Thursday, November 17, 2011

RD Mauzy, Takeo Marquardt, Felix Dabbert, and Tilman Rickert-When You Look For Me Can You See Forever


Anastasia Vronski-The Blaze

Noise/drone ambient conceptual composition which contains two parts and dedicated to a fire in club "Lame Horse" (Perm', Russia)


State Censored Art - Cunt Punt EP

The First EP from the project State Censored Art, a noise collaboration between Oni Sakti (Geodesic, Dead Frail Honesty, Falling Man) and Ditama Lull (Phantoms Of The SS)


DZI-My First Rain

Fourth album by dark ambient/noise/minimal artist from Minsk, Belarus. Imagery of life, meditation and reflections on the world.


Bastard Child - kkkkkkk


RD Mauzy, Takeo Marquardt-Master BeTA

20 tracks, 17 minutes total run time.

2010/2011 RD Mauzy & Takeo Marquardt
Day Off Studios, Hamburg, Germany


Insecticide Lobotomy- Shears

After a 12 month hiatus, Insecticide Lobotomy is back! This particular harsh noise release is about as raw as it comes.


ONOO-n y you hate me

1. n y you hate me : synthetic speech --> 2x granular synthesis --> edit
2. IIHII : 4 x drumloop --> 4 x granular synthesis --> edit


Clockdin - the Free Fax session

Gord High is joined by Lord Open for some electronic noise experimentation.
F U N ensues.


Drohnwerks-Cycle 4

2 more drones in the cycle, Volumes 1 & 2 are available at, volume 3 from


Noise Nazi - Study Of Sadistic Science video

Guilty Connector - Genocidal Manimal video


A re-synthesis deconstruction sample-based patchwork of previous ayankoko's releases, noise streams and sound pictures in a broken industrial atmosphere.
Produced by ayankoko, june 2008.


Block Party []

released as NICE : 018 on the noise machine label


Jarrod Rone- Material 00

First of two discs documenting JR's 2000 output. Unrestrained harsh noise blasts and synthetic squiggle. Very lengthy tracks challenge endurance. You have been warned! C23CDR010.


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A.R.GH / A Night To Dismember - Split

Gold coloured card with red tactile, flocking detail. Features the word Peace surrounded by swirl and star detail. The red contrasts well against the gold background. Braille and large print message reads "Seasons Greetings" 

A.R.GH  -
01 Only in chaos, I found peace 

02 Visual
03 Auditory
04 Tactile
05 Olfactory
06 Gustatory Experiences

SEXBREED ERECTION - Maggot Draculas erection. video

Noise Nazi 3 way split track video


Fuck, The Retarded Girl says:
"The noise tracks are bizzare and abstract like there were created by a computer with no prior knowledge of music; the other non-noise tracks don't sound amateurish but again sound as if they were created with no prior knowledge of music. It is nice to hear sounds whose influences are not painfully obvious."




Karakuri by machinoir featuring remix by Tooth Eye. This release is a follow up Iâm god. (
Technical grind and noise. Drum machine, ungrounded guitar, mixer bending, organ and field recordings.


machionoir - Sound

Free nano-EP consisting of basic harsh noise. Third of a three part series. More music is available through


machinoir - Noise

Free nano-EP consisting of basic harsh noise. Second of a three part series. More music is available through


machinoir - Din

Free nano-EP consisting of basic harsh noise. First of a three part series. More music is available through


Pushing Task - Patch Control

Recorded specifically for the Black Leather Jesus show in Pittsburgh on June 8th, 2011. Physical edition of 6 only available at that show with handmade covers.
credits released 08 June 2011
RJ Myato - shaker box, metal sheet, vocals, effects
Erik Ciora - microphone, vocals, effects

Handicap Disposal Unit - Rebirth Through Exit video

Encephalophonic_fuckyouall_ video


pure noise. get your ears cleansed! no structure, just aural pain.
zahnbeitel recordings (doering/schaefer) from 2003, remixed 2006 by karg/schaefer.


MAAAA / OUT OF FOCUS - Blood and Shit (split-tape, 2008)

Bloody industrial/noise with shit in the veins! Sweeping polyvoxes, screaming feedbacks, crushing soviet vinyls and metal junk madness, Great Karelian industrial.



Mail-art collaboartion between CISFINITUM and MAAAA. This is a limited cassette rip.


Torstein Wjiik - Boogie-Boy's Day, Summed Up In A Minute

A one minute single, released as a no-label MP3-release for everyone who wants a free noise track.


This power electronics / grindcore / harsh noise ep was recorded in late 2009 and released as NNNCO#003 in August 2010. It is packaged in a spraypainted and labeled DVD case with labeled cd-r and lyric booklet.
credits released 01 August 2010
RJ Myato - vocals, noise, samples, computer editing, lyrics.
Japanese noise legend Merzbow offers up an assault of violent, swarming electronic distortion swirling with shards of brutal high-end feedback and cosmic oscillating tones, creating a vast whirlpool of caustic aural grit and buzz while Industrial noise punks "The Guilt øf... " a New Orleans-based group made up of Mike IX Williams (EyeHateGod, Outlaw Order, Arson Anthem) and Ryan McKern (Wolvhammer) layer waves of piano, fuzz, tortured vocals, drums and distorted sub-bass to create a mesmerizing and crushing drone-like effect.

Kluge - K.M.L.ich

01_Ichness (14:15)
02_Werbless (27:32)
03_Dawn Coming Up (10:40)



The Magus - Deprivation Chamber video

Botched Facelift/Hal Hutchinson:Hipster Death Split

over 40 minutes of face melting harsh noise!!!Botched Facelift's side is a lot of harsh synthesizer noise with glitched toys and vocals. The synths are programmed to mimic glitched circuits.lots of evil heavily processed vocals. Hal Hutchinson's side consists of pedal noise with blasts in the low mid range for heavy sounds. unrelenting and brutal from a live session 7-14-09. 


Hlo & Pollux - Damaged Synapse

International collaborative Experimental EP
by Hlo (USA) and founder of Sirona-records -
Pollux (France)..


Drill Bra - Death Volume video

va-Taiwan Free Sound

Taiwan Free Sound
zu.mix29/Untoned/Caught Up In/Ensemble Prisma Sonorum/Chao-Ming Tung/Yu-Tong Shi/neuva/Na-Shao Li
wolfenstein/Craftweak/You-Sheng Zhang/yingfan/Tsunamivsky Pi/Mescaline/the pneumatic/shower/MU Child

Mastering by noise
Design by shower
released in 2010.02
Kandala Records Various Artists 01
Two-disk compilation, CD-ROM, Order

KR recruited 17 local artists/groups to join this project from September to December in 2009 and released the two-disk outcome finally in Feburary, 2010. Most of the joiners are from different cities in Taiwan - yingfan from Taipei, MU Child from Ilan, Li Na-Shao Hsinchu, and zumix29 Taichung - and the others are from different countries - Lin Hui-Chun usually lives in Germany and her partner Ko PyoungRyang is a Korean.
No matter where they are from, improvisation and noise are the core of this compilation. Disk 1 is full of (un)plugged acoustic sound from instruments such as electric guitar, cello, guqin, and human voice. Many artists in Disk 2 use computers to compose and some of them play mixers and synthesizers. But actually, KR does not know how to arrange the order of these tracks in a well-classified manner because their genres and styles are really plural.

Disk 1
1.1 zumix29 - Alone - 4'52"
1.2 Untoned - 中忍的突斷術 -2'41"
1.3 Caught Up In - Animal Farm - 5'58"
1.4 Ensemble Prima Sonorum - Improvisation - 8'07"
1.5 Tung Chao-Ming - Heartsutra - 9'51"
1.6 Shi Yu-Tong - Jiu Kuang - 2'33"
1.7 neuva - Marianne - 1'22"
1.8 Li Na-Shao - 越過黑夜之上的雙耳裡,眾星綻放 - 8'34"
Disk 2
2.1 wolfenstein - Extreme Music from Taiwan - 5'08"
2.2 Craftweak - Plug & Play - 2'09"
2.3 Zhang You-Sheng - Zusammenbruch - 6'35"
2.4 yingfan - hacer el cadete - 7'33"
2.5 Tsunamivsky Pi - No.32 Chapter Guitar - 1'48"
2.6 Mescaline - Mescaline On-Line - 6'20"
2.7 氣送子 - Cosmos & Cosmomos - 4'46"
2.8 shower - Projection - 3'37"
2.9 MU Child - Water - 7'54"


Orgasm Denial & Writher-Lovedoll Desperation

Rolf Wong (a.k.a. Orgasm Denial) is the new generation of noise in Hong Kong. He does harsh noise carefully. All you get is noise and... noise. Nguyen Hong Giang (a.k.a. Writher) is a young man from Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam. Guess almost no people do this kind of metallic and violent sound there.

Orgasm Denial (Hong Kong) - Tora Tora Pletinum - 14'31"
Writher (Saigon, Vietnam) - CLGT - 11'02"

Whole directory

Joseph Nechvatal-Sleep

No Wave audio art noise collage cassette by Joseph Nechvatal released in 1983 on Sound of Pig Music (SOP 140)

Sound of Pig was a great tape based label in the 1980s run by Al Margolis (If,Bwana) I still have some of their releases.


Rypher & Doki Doki-Start The Riot

Rypher and Doki Doki combine and create long and extra harsh analog noise tracks. Recorded in 2007.


Josh McCurdy Meets Doki Doki

Split release from California's CGR main-man Josh McCurdy and Netherlands noise god Doki Doki! Recorded 2006 - 2007.

Completely Gone Recordings