Thursday, November 10, 2011

KILT are a real mind-fuck; about as good as two-man noisy improv gets. Their lurching, and wonderfully animate performances are like a giant amoeba, feasting on the nutrition of the spirit. The contrasting elements of high-volume trance/minimalism ala the Theatre of Eternal Music, the churning PE-style "riffs" that appear and then dissipate, and the hi-frequency dancing of Bob Bellerue and Raven Chacon's exuberant communications via sound-shattering are quite a thing to behold as well as hear. KILT are among the natural heirs to a certain brand of humanist, soulful power improvisation. Prison Tatt is proud to present the project's first silver CD, Kitchen Sorcery, combining two phantasmagorical studio sets with a dynamite live performance from 2007. Crisp and loud pro-mastering by Bob, horrifying cover drawing by Matt Minter.

"Harsh but colorful noise/ electro-acoustic squall" — Brian Turner, Music Director/DJ, WFMU-FM

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