Friday, November 4, 2011

Bastard Child - Antiseptic

Bastard Child was conceived some time in 2005. The members would gather weekly to practice and play noise. An audience of friends and peers began to grow, and the weekly sessions became more of a live show event than a practice session. One such peer stated that the project "sounds better through walls." This became the running motto for the unnamed noise project. Artist Flat Affect titled the band 'Alogiac Avolition' and released a 2 minute demo CD, in hopes to encourage motivation to record and produce material for release. This project ultimately failed, but not before a single, successful recording session in which enough audio was recorded to fuel this project's releases for many years to come.

Flat Affect has made a commitment to occasionally re-visit this noise project and re-create the experience. The parameters for this commitment are that the same audio source must be used each time.

The Amethyst Deception
Flat Affect


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