Friday, November 4, 2011

OVER is project by an NVS supporter/customer. An un-announced CDr and a Polaroid picture of a bed in an attic(?) arrived in the NVS PO BOX last fall just with a note asking for release consideration. I sat on this release for awhile, contemplating releasing it. The music(sound) is a pretty simple and lo-fi repetitive heavy electronic track looped. No vocals per, more like spoken word. Actually, more like spoken word "confessions". 15 mintues of emotional outburst, detailed intimate "family" sexual encounters, self hate etc. In a lot of way's reminding me of Buyers Market. When I asked the individual behind OVER for more insight into the project the response was "I'm OVER it, the events that took place and what I described, I needed to get these things off my chest". “This is the real deal, I lived this shit, my voice”. “It ain't taped/sampled off TV shows and HBO documentaries”. I haven't heard from the OVER individual in months, but if your somehow reading this. I've taken you up on your offer of releasing it. Hope you like!?

"Fans of death-industrial should take note of the tape by OVER. spoken word over a cold synth loop. content is confessions of teenage fighting, masturbation, being accused of molestation... definitely something you actually have to LISTEN to. the label's descript is dead-on. RECOMMENDED" Keith Brewer(Taint/Mania)

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