Friday, November 4, 2011

Sadistic experimental electronic music by Dog As Master: near-silence punctuated by noise blasts. One continuous 45-minute track, hewn from the same mass of sonic material as Black Body, Trompeur Et Sournois by Dog As Master is a real test of your stereo equipment and your endurance. Thumbing my nose, slap in your face, a sadistic twist of your arm and nipple pinch in sound. Over and over again, no matter how much it hurts. It is the quieter parts which make the roof-shakingly loud parts all the more painful.

Originally released on cassette in 1985, C46, on the Cause And Effect label; re-released by Freedom In A Vacuum, Toronto, Ontario, Canada (1990).

review by Mike Gunderloy, Factsheet Five, 1985:

"Usually I'm not all that thrilled with experimental music, but I took a shine to this one, perhaps because of its outright obnoxiousness. Most of the tape is somewhere between dead silence and low-level white noise. But the listener who cranks it up will be sorry, because this is punctuated at irregular intervals by blasts of electronic sound. Not easy to listen to, but strangely rewarding."
credits released 01 June 1985
also available at the Internet Archive (includes WAV files):

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