Saturday, November 5, 2011

A c10 cassette by NNN co-founder RJ Myato which deals with the theme of alienated labor and the depressing reality of work under capitalism.

This quote from Kathy Acker's novel "Blood and Guts In High School" served as inspiration for the release:

"I had to work seven days a week. I had no more feelings. I was no longer a real person. If I stopped work for just a second, I would hate. Burst through the wall and hate. Hatred that comes out like that can be a bomb.

I hated that I didn't have any more dreams or visions. It's not that the vision-world, the world of passion and wildness, no longer existed. It always is. But always I was disconnected from dreams. I was psychotic."
credits released 20 March 2011
RJ Myato - noise, art, editing, mixing, recording.

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