Friday, November 4, 2011

Out Of print from NVS

Debut full lenght. Pro cassette in a 7" sleeve. Comes with insert and hand numbered card of authenticity.

"RU-486 is the nasty solo power electronics project of American Thomas Mortigan, known also for his collaborative work as a member of Richard Ramirez's project Black Leather Jesus. Up until Iron Empire, RU-486 has released only c-10s and split releases, but this release is a long overdue development for the project. Clocking in at a brisk 25 minutes of material (taking up one side of a c-50, dubbed on both sides), this tape marks the longest and most developed take on RU-486's sound, and boasts an impressive conceptual grounding in the collapsing totalitarianism of industry in America. The tape features a lengthy, bass-heavy intro track featuring spoken word delivered by Austin Cooley of Texas harsh noise project Concrete Violin. This soon gives way to four other nasty tracks of absolutely brutal scrap metal abuse, which, as chaotic as it could have been, sounds carefully composed and deliberate. That's one of Mortigan's strong suits, the perfection that he strives for in his composition that enables him to make something so unrestrained and nasty sound carefully controlled and composed. The packaging on this release, done by up-and-coming label No Visible Scars, maintains the awesome standard set by other releases on the label, such as the work done on the latest Subklinik and Profanatica tapes. Iron Empire is no exception, featuring a tape packaged in a 7” vinyl sleeve with 7”-sized cardstock inserts with release info and album art. The art itself is effective in evocatively conveying the feeling of dominance by faceless, dehumanized industrialism and makes for a bleak, yet highly engrossing, listening experience. One can only hope for more output of this caliber from a project who appears to be coming into his own."
Aaron Vilk for Special Interest magaine #4

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