Friday, November 4, 2011

SOLD OUT! Now available for download.
Originally released as 50 dubbed cassettes with 7.25 x 7.25 artwork housed in a 7'ep sleeve. Black chrome cassettes with 4 different colored sticker facings. Hand numbered card also included.

"Anything that describes itself as being influenced by "bad weed, solitude, Von's demos and Goblin's soundtracks" is sure to be a hit around the C-Blast office. This new one-man band came into being with the intent to fuse together the most morbid side of death industrial with the filthiest of the early 90s black metal camp (Von, Profanatica, Beherit, Archgoat), which sounds like a match made in heaven where we're concerned; although the death industrial side of Poison Tongue is much more obvious than the black metal side (with much of this reminding us of Atrax Morgue), we still loved this tape, the first ever release from this side project from a member of the lust-driven power electronics gang Pink Sexdeath. Actually, the black metal influences are pretty hard to miss, especially after listening to Lick You a second time. The tape opens with a booming kettledrum cadence that echoes across a smoldering field of staticky synth drones and looped demonic mutterings and vomitous croaks, this charred black ambience laced with strange chiming sounds, bursts of bass flutter echoing through the subterranean abyss, distant wailing choruses, and sheets of slowly shifting keyboard drone, but as distorted synthesizer chords pulse beneath the metallic drones, the drooling demonic vokills that start to emerge turn this into something like hearing a Slaughter Productions death industrial tape with Nuclear Holocausto from Beherit invoking sex demons over it. From here, it continues on through a miasma of grinding black sludge, harsh high end drones and orgasmic beast-grunts; towards the end of the second side, these massive spaced out eruptions of thunderous blastage and barely-there drift suddenly give way to a hammering percussive rhythm, while blackened shrieks soar over the nightmarish industrial pounding. When the last track arrives, the sound shifts into a swirling stygian ambience, shrill metallic keening and eerie minor key darkness pooling out within clouds of noxious black smoke, abrasive streaks of fx pedal afterburn, and mutated, murky pipe organ dirge. We're advising those of you into anything from Mortuor to Sewer Goddess to Havohej to Prurient to check into this thoroughly unhealthy debut from Poison Tongue. Like the RU-487 tape on No Visible Scars, this black chrome cassette also comes in a 7" style sleeve, with some unwholesome full color cover art and a small hand-numbered insert card. Limited to fifty copies."

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